Interactive Voice Response (IVR) With Speech Recognition


Are your call center agents spending lot of time answering routine basic questions or following routine business processes like looking up account information? It's not the best use of their time. Perhaps it's the right time to consider IVR to automate some of these processes and boost profitability.

IVR functionality not only automates phone interactions with callers but also enhances profitability and efficiency. IVR systems can help you find the perfect balance of profitability and exceptional customer service. It allows customers to self-serve on basic needs like account information lookup, make payments, place orders, schedule appointments, setup reminfders and more. Also, when your call center is closed, the IVR adds an extra level of convenience by handling your customers appropriately or direct them to voicemail. All this improves automation rates and save money for your call center.

IVR offers several advantages to call center owners too. You can user our drag and drop web deisgner to create advanced call flows in minutes. As the service is cloud based, you can access your call flows anytime and change rules on the fly yourself without depending on technology team. You can also scale the call center depending on your needs without investing in any additional hardware or software. All these translate to improved business efficiency, reduced human dependencies and personnel, decrease costs, improve proifitability and customer satisfaction. You have nothing to lose but have lot to gain.

Hosted IVR Features:

  • Advanced speech recognition capabilities
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Ready to use voice components
  • Fast, easy deployment
  • 100% cloud based solution - scales according to needs
  • Enables expanded reach

Key Advantages - Benefits

  • Reduce operational costs through reduced staffing
  • Customers gain easy-to-use, 24/7 access to voice interface applications
  • VoiceXML-based IVR platform provides enhance portability and investment protection
  • Opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell the services and product offerings
  • Provide rich customer experience

Automate business processes and boost efficiency