Real-time Monitoring


Call center performance in real-time at your finger tips.

Whether you run a huge call center with thousands of agents or have a small center operations with some remote agents, keeping track of ALL the call center activity in real-time is extremely important. We understand the requirements of what it takes to make a call center successful. We have provided an advanced reporting options which give all the important insights of your call center operations including agent productivity, average hold times, number of active agents, average call duration, average hold time, average queue length and more.

Our software also helps the call center administrators listen to barge into any of the active calls your agents are on, to guage the quality and peformance. You can do this real-time in a single click from our rich web administrator panel. You can also add notes to the calls and notify agents about your feedback on the call.

Key Features:

  • Detailed real-time data at the agent and call level
  • Quality checks through Bargein
  • Real-time reporting dashboard
  • Customizable reports for further data analysis

Key Advantages - Benefits

  • Important data at your finger tips
  • Improve customer interaction quality
  • Reduce operational costs and increase business efficiency