Work with any phone - browser too


Make your web browser as your next call center.

No Additional Hardware or Software or Capital Investment.

All our products are built to boost the productivity of call centers while reducing or completely eliminating the implementation, maintenance, installation and training costs. Our products smoothly integrate with existing or planned IT infrastructure and PBX, CRM and billing solutions.

Whether your team is working in multiple cities around the globe, or is just two or three people working in a home office, VoxDesk empowers you to have onversations with your customers, without expensive hardware or software - all in less than 5 minutes. The best part is that, you do not need costly phones and technicians to setup. You can set it up yourself and your agents can take a call from anywhere in the world, the way they prefer - land line, mobile or soft phone installed on any computer including Skype or GTalk.

Supported Phones for Incoming or Outgoing calls:
  • Land line/mobile phones in US and Canada
  • Skype
  • GTalk
  • VoIP phones - both hardware and software based
  • Internet browser (Chrome/Firefox/IE)

Run your call center like never before: Get it up and running in minutes. Very simple setup