Record call from Compliance


Ensure Compliance and Manage Liability With Our Scalable, Reliable And Secure Call Recording For Your Call Center.

Whether you want to capture every call in your center for regulatory compliance, or record a random sampling of calls for quality, VoxDesk offers the most cost-effective digital voice recording solutions found in the marketplace today. our solutions will suit all your call recording needs - small or large. Retrieving the call records and playing them back is also quick and easy. All your recorded calls are stored safely for as long as your business requires. Compatible with virtually all leading telephone communications systems, our solutions can be used with IP, digital and hybrid phone systems and deployed on single or large multi-location environments.

Our software helps companies in a variety of industries - including call centers, law firms, insurance agencies, healthcare clinics/medical providers, financial institutions, educational institutions, government, hospitality, and real estate. VoxDesk solutions can be used to reduce liability, ensure regulatory compliance and to improve customer interaction quality while easily fitting into existing work-flows and onsite technology.

Key Features:

  • Reliable and secure call recording across the call center
  • Scalable - can record hundreds of simulatenous calls
  • Highly efficient in terms of storage, search, playback and reporting capabilities
  • Comprehensive redundancy to ensure business continuity

Key Advantages - Benefits

  • Ensure regulatory compliance and manage liability
  • Improve customer interaction quality
  • Reduce operational costs through reduced staffing