Proactive Call Popups - Show your agents who is calling


What are call popups?

Call Popups integrate web technologies with telephony to provide the vital caller information to agents and business owners so they can handle the incoming and outgoings in an efficient manner. Call popups can display information such as

  • Information like caller id, caller location, maps, CRM information, past conversation history, notes, tickets.
  • Information from backend databases and web services
  • Control of telephony functions directly (call transfer, record, mute, conference, block etc)
  • Document the call outcomes (update call disposition and lead status, document notes etc)

How does it work?

Setting up Call Popups is simple and instant. Simply register to VoxDesk call center solutions and customize the call popup to suit your needs. You can add all the information sources to the call popup that you need information from.

Once the setup is complete, login to the agent panel and call queue from any browser. We will then provide a personalized service experience through a popup window with all the information you need for each and every incoming and outgoing call. This reduces call handle time and leads to increased customer bliss, which of course, means more business for you.

Benefits of VoxDesk CTI:

  • Identify the caller and get their information to be productive on each call
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Significant cost savings
  • Delivers consolidated telephony experience
  • Handle and route calls effectively

Caller data at your finger tips - Better productivity with every call